Benefits of In-Store Counter Mats for Your Business

Benefits of In-Store Counter Mats for Your Business

Counter mats are an excellent way to show off your brand in-store. They can help you improve the customer experience, create a welcoming atmosphere and encourage repeat business. Quality is another consideration. You’ll want your products or services displayed in the highest resolution possible and also make sure it doesn’t give off that awful rubbery smell, most are known for. Here’s why every business should consider using counter mats:

1. Increase your brand’s visibility

The most obvious benefit of counter mats is that they increase your brand’s visibility. Customers can see your logo and message, which means they are more likely to remember your business and associate it with this visual representation of your brand.

  • Set clear expectations around hours worked each week (or day).
  • Make it clear that you want people to leave at designated times so they can spend time with their families or friends outside of work hours.

2. Create a better customer experience

Counter mats give you an opportunity to showcase what makes your business unique by highlighting certain aspects of it through clever design elements. You are encouraged to add unique logos or slogans that will draw the eye with thoughtful designs.

For example, a pharmacy may stock their latest cough syrup in preparation for winter. This cough syrup may be intended for a younger audience. It then makes sense that an image of a mother taking care of her daughter would resonate with its target market. These images can easily be printed onto your preferred counter mat along with helpful information that will convince your customer to buy.

3. Improve customer education

While your customer may not understand the difference between a matt finish and litho print, the visuals on your counter mats speak for themselves. Customers are usually well-informed and that extra bit of information is a great way to help them make the best choice.

The opposite is also true, for many who do not have the time to shop around or may have missed something. Instead of wandering the aisles, hoping to bump into a sales assistant, a well-placed counter mat may be just the thing to spark a reminder and help a customer find what they are looking for.

4. Encourage repeat business

In addition to providing a great experience, you can also encourage repeat business by making your customers feel welcome and appreciated. When people feel like a business cares and directly addresses their concerns, they are more likely to pop by your store again.

Customers will also stay loyal if they feel like their experience was worth it. If the product or service was of an acceptable standard they would consider buying again. Counter mats can be an excellent marketing tool in your arsenal and a valuable device to help customers feel welcome in your store.

Key takeaways

Counter mats are an easy way to promote your brand, build customer loyalty and make customers feel welcome. Your counter mat can be used as a marketing tool for the store. If you have branded merchandise that customers can take home with them, it’s best they see it before leaving your store.

If a customer comes into your establishment looking for something specific, but doesn’t find it on display or in stock, consider having some brochures printed and available to compliment your counter mats. This will help to engender loyalty and is a visual representation of you doing that little bit extra to accommodate them.


Counter mats are a great way to market your business and encourage repeat clients. They can also help you to educate your customer base and home in on your target market. If you are looking for a marketing tool that delivers more of a return than the initial cost of investment, then counter mats may be the best fit for you!

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