Hospitality Branding

Being in the hospitality industry is interesting and ever changing and so are our large range of hospitality branded items to help you uplift your establishment and stay abreast with the times.

Whether you’re a guest house, boutique hotel, 5-star hotel, restaurant or club, a brief yet efficient meeting with one of our representatives will translate your requirements into a functional product that truly represents your establishment. You want your patrons to return after their stay and that mostly happens when effort is put into the smaller details that really do make all the difference.

Take Rusi for instance. It’s our crafted leather range with a distinctive quality only to be found in a third generation Swiss leather craftsman. Stefan Rusi is quite the character; as interesting and delightful as his products.

You cannot go wrong with this range when you are in the hospitality game. It is cost effective, elegant and of outstanding quality. You can kit out your whole establishment from keyrings, folders, menus, bags, gifts, to name a few

What you want is just a conversation away.

Your imagination and our insight.