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Branded Counter Mats

A branded counter mat ensures that your brand is on top of mind constantly as customers are continuously interacting with it be it at a till checkout point when paying for their groceries or when they collect their medication from their local pharmacy or even as a place mat at a restaurant to focus the customers attention on one of your products or specials.

Branded counter mats can be placed at till checkout points, on bar counters, used as restaurant placemats, positioned atop pharmacy dispensary counters, the options are endless!


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Branded counter mats are a highly effective and affordable way to promote your brand because of its interactive potential with clients. Although people say they have heard of your brand, it is very important to keep reinforcing it to them, and branded counter mats are the ideal marketing tool to entrench this focused brand reinforcement. The more your customers are exposed to your brand the better the chances are that they will choose your brand.

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