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Driving your marketing through small items such as custom magnets can have a big impact equally to bigger marketing initiatives. Eight in 10 people own at least one promotional product and 53% of these people use a promotional item once a week.

Custom magnets are one of the most popular and effective promotional items you can give your clients. It is inexpensive, attracts attention and is constantly in your face. The benefits of custom magnets are:


  1. Referrals and repeat clients
  2. Low-cost gift
  3. Flexibility in design
  4. It sticks in more ways than one and is user-friendly
  5. Easy to distribute
  6. Functional
  7. Shows appreciation

Contact us to explore our range of custom magnets as we have a wide range to choose from.

Custom magnets are easy to design, print and distribute, let us at Barno help you drive your brand forward.

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