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Leather is still a symbol of power and protection. When we surround ourselves with leather accessories and accents such as our leather folders, we get the look and feel of style and elegance as well as comfort.

This is something which cannot be achieved by most other materials. Leather is also especially unique material since every hide is subtly different and therefore provides a different look for every article that is made. In this way you are assured that your leather folders are unique.


You can be sure of proper client liaison throughout the process. Our leather folders are durable, unique and create a lasting impression. They come in many shapes and forms and have endless functionality. You can choose between a leather notebook holder, a larger business file folder to ensure all your important documents are in one place or a compact executive leather folder just big enough to fit your iPad. At Barno, we have your leather folder needs covered!


Let our custom leather folders speak for themselves when you present it to your clients or hand them over as a gift to them. There is a reason why a leather chair or even a wallet feels richer and more comfortable than that of something made of cloth, wood or paper. This is because leather has always been a subtle symbol of elegance, style and power. And we at Barno want to upkeep that nuance with our beautiful range of bespoke leather folders.

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