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Menu Stand / Menu Holder

A menu can tell many stories. It can give an indication of what type of establishment you are even before they go to the selection of food. We at Barno want to give you options for menu covers that will leave your patrons astounded. Not only does it show off a piece of your professionalism and style, it also protects your menus from damaging fast.

A menu stand can be displayed either outside your restaurant, hotel, bar or café or at your entrance. This is a subtle invitation to potential diners who are not sure yet where they want to go or what they want to eat.


We at Barno have endless options when it comes to menu stands. We can tailor-make your menu stand to fit in with your décor, corporate identity and style.


Get in touch with us to discuss how we can create the perfect menu stand for your business.

Invite your diners into your establishment with an eye-catching menu stand.

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