Remember Your Travel Accessories

Remember Your Travel Accessories

Travelling can be a lot of fun, but it’s important to remember to bring some essentials with you. COVID-19 made travelling a lot more complicated, but with travel restrictions easing up, now is the best time to begin exploring the world around you. Just make sure you have everything required before leaving. At Barno, we have created our fair share of travelling accessories over the years and have compiled a list of some necessities down below.

Travel Wallets

These pesky things are so easy to misplace, but travel wallets are necessary to keep your credit cards and IDs safe. There are few moments as embarrassing as fumbling around for your cards and coming up empty.


In addition, travel wallets protect your passport from damage and make it easy for you to find your travel documents. They keep your money in a safe place and make it easy for you to access cash when required. They also help you organise all the other things you’ll require during your trip.


Travel agencies regularly make branded travel wallets available to clients as an ideal companion on overseas adventures. It’s a great way to store your travel itinerary and free advertising for the agency in question. If you’re going on a long trip, create a packing list that includes everything you require for the journey, making things easier. This may include medication and toiletries, as well as what your destination offers in terms of supplies; such as adapters and sunscreen. Travel wallets remove the hassle from prep time.

Luggage Labels

If you’re travelling with a friend or family member, then you can use their luggage label (or luggage tags) for your bag. This will help ensure that if someone else picks up your suitcase by mistake, they’ll be able to return it without having to guess which one was yours.


Luggage labels are also easy to apply; you do not require any special tools to do so and they weigh almost nothing at all. They don’t add much weight or bulkiness either: just stick them onto the outside of your bag and go about your business.


Again, travel agencies have found that it helps to make your items more recognisable with the addition of a luggage label. Which is why the best agencies will provide these branded tags at no cost to you. For example, someone may have similar tastes to you and luggage items can sometimes be indistinguishable from each other. What makes this worse is that most travellers will only give their luggage a cursory glance before racing off to their hotels or to catch a connecting flight. A luggage tag therefore has the power to save you the headache of having to waste your precious holiday time trying to retrieve a lost bag.

Passport covers

Passport covers keep your passport dry. Especially useful when entering rainy climates or when lounging next to the hotel’s pool. Not only do they protect your passport from all kinds of environmental damage, they also help you to stay more organised.


A passport cover is a small pouch that fits over your passport. It keeps your passport from getting wet or dirty and helps you keep track of it while travelling. A passport cover can also serve as an accessory for your luggage.


Passport covers are another way for travel agencies to make some extra revenue. The ones available through their on-site gift shops come in many different materials and designs. At Barno we manufacture them in Faux and Genuine Nappa Leather. Same as the travel wallets and luggage labels mentioned previously, passport covers are manufactured in welded PVC also.

The Right Travel Accessories Save You Time and Money

By now, you’ve probably seen the countless travel accessories that are out there. A Google search can be quite overwhelming. They’re a necessity for any traveller and will save you time and money. Corporates also get in on the action and sometimes make promotional items available to their employees preparing to go on holiday.


Travel accessories are akin to having a personal assistant on vacation. The best travel accessories help make your trip a breeze from start to finish. They’re also an investment in peace of mind. Rest easy knowing that everything will go smoothly while you’re away from home.


Considering that you may be travelling with kids, the right travel accessories can keep all your important items together, leaving you to devote more time to your little ones. Ask any mom or dad, it’s a lifesaver!


We hope this article has helped you understand the importance of travel accessories. The right accessories can save you time, money and stress when travelling. Remember that it’s not just about packing smartly but also having the right accessories on hand, so you don’t have to worry about anything else while on vacation!

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