Best Promotional Items for the Hospitality Sector

Best Promotional Items for the Hospitality Sector

In the competitive hospitality sector, effective branding and marketing strategies are essential for attracting guests, strengthening customer loyalty and increasing brand awareness. Barno’s promotional items play a key role in promoting hotels, resorts, restaurants and other hospitality businesses by leaving a lasting impression on guests and creating memorable experiences. In this blog post, we will explore the best promotional items for the hospitality sector that can help businesses stand out and make a positive impact on their target audience.

Customised Leather Key holders

Customised leather keyholders are a practical and versatile promotional item for hotels and resorts. Personalise leather keyholders with your logo, brand colours and a unique design that reflects the property’s identity. Customised leather keyholders not only serve their primary function but also create a memorable first impression for guests as soon as they check-in.

Branded Room Stationery Items

Branded room stationery items such as desk blotters, folders and notepad holders, are popular promotional items for hotels and resorts. Personalise these essential amenities with your logo and packaging design to create a cohesive and luxurious guest experience. High-quality branded room stationery items enhance the guest’s stay and encourage brand loyalty.

Bill Folders

Practical in design and another great place for branding. Bill folders not only serve obvious uses, but help to enhance the guest experience by adding an extra layer of luxury. In terms of look and feel, bill folders make for a memorable experience.

Customised Tote Bags

Customised tote bags are both functional and eco-friendly promotional items that guests can use to carry their belongings during their stay and beyond. Personalised tote bags with your logo and design to create a stylish and reusable accessory that promotes your brand wherever guests go.

Branded USB Charging Stations

Branded USB charging stations are a practical and convenient promotional item for hotels, restaurants, and event venues. Guests can charge their devices while on the go, providing a valuable service that enhances their experience. Personalise charging stations with your logo for increased brand visibility.

Personalised Notebooks and Pens

Personalised notebooks and pens are timeless promotional items that are perfect for guest room amenities or event giveaways. Guests can jot down notes, to-do lists, or memories from their stay, all while being reminded of your brand. Customise notebooks and pens with your logo for a professional and functional touch.

Customised Luggage Tags

Customised luggage tags are a useful promotional item for hotels and resorts to help guests identify their luggage while travelling. Personalised luggage tags with your logo and contact information for added brand exposure. Guests will appreciate the practicality of this item and the thoughtfulness of your hospitality.

Customised Signage

Another way to ensure a pleasurable stay, is customised signage. Something that says “Conserve Water” draws your guest’s attention to your conservation efforts. Something as simple as “Sanitary towels to be placed in the bin” also ensures that all parties are accommodated for and that a holistic approach was taken to ensure a pleasant stay.


Promotional items are a powerful tool for hospitality businesses to enhance guest experiences, strengthen brand recognition and foster customer loyalty. By choosing promotional items that are practical, stylish, and aligned with your brand identity, you can make a lasting impact on guests and create a memorable impression. From customised key cards to personalised luggage tags, the best promotional items for the hospitality sector are those that reflect your attention to detail, commitment to quality, and dedication to exceptional service.

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